Leziga Barikor in Gibraltar

My name is Leziga Barikor and I’m on a journey towards a more slow and mindful lifestyle.

My journey started towards the end of my freshman year of college. I discovered minimalism and was instantly drawn to the idea of subtraction of everything in life that isn’t absolutely necessary.

Where minimalism mainly seemed to focus around the physical, I began to notice the need to simplify in more areas of life.

Simple became slow down. I began learning more about simple living and mindfulness, and now I’m working towards slowing down in life.

The biggest factor in my journey has been my faith in Jesus. When I read the gospels, I don’t see a Savior in a hurry or unable to make time for the things that matter. But what I do see, is Jesus walking towards lost people and slowing down to heal those in need.

I want to live a life that’s focused and intentional. And I want to live it to cause the most good to those around me.

Things I’m interested in: concerts, pop culture, travel, memes.

Things I’ll be writing about: travel, mindfulness, lifestyle tips, fun experiences.

To quote one of my favorite song writers, “I want to be rich with memories not money.” I hope my blog helps you on your journey to growing rich in memories too.

Don’t live life in a hurry, xo

— Leziga

Leziga Barikor in Spain

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